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Community Awareness Night 2016

Posted on: 30 October 2016

Event Overview: 

The Islamic Society of Darwin will be conducting a community awareness night on 5th of November 2016 in order to clarify and all questions and or concerns that the community may be having especially in light of recent events in the community.

In order to make this a productive and efficient meeting, we would like you to send in your questions before hand by 2nd November 2016. You can email the questions to secretary@isod.org.au, hand written questions in person to any ExCo member, or if you wish to stay anonymous, you may use the suggestion boxes placed in both brothers and sisters sections in the masjid.

Food will be provided. We do really appreciate the community members who have volunteered to sponsor food for this event.

Please note that we will take all questions into considerations but the questions which are received before the date, are frequently asked and are relevant to the current situation will be given priority.
Questions from the floor on the day will be given the least priority so please get your questions in early. If we are unable to get through all the questions in one night, we will conduct a subsequent session to cover the remaining questions.

Our aim is to ensure transparency and ensure that everyone in the community is up to date has the right and authentic information. This will ensure that no rumours are spread and the community remains strong and united in the face of external challenges. So we humbly request you all to cooperate and not hesitate to ask any questions and Allah willing we will endeavor to answer them.
Please share this post among your circles to ensure maximum attendance.

Date/Time: After Maghrib, Saturday 5th of November 2016

Venue: Darwin Islamic Centre, 53 Vandrerilin drive, Darwin, NT 0810

Contact: secretary@isod.org.au (for questions)

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Community Awareness Night 2016
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