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Save Rohingya People

Posted on: 03 November 2017
The Islamic Society of Darwin is conducting a forum entitled ‘Save Rohingya People’ in order to raise awareness about the humanitarian crisis happening in Myanmar right now and to garner support for the cause of the Rohingya people.

The Rohingya people of Myanmar are considered to be some of the most persecuted and disadvantaged people in the world. We are all aware of the serious human rights violations that have been perpetrated against these people in recent years. The Islamic Society of Darwin condemns these acts.
We request all members of the NT society, to support the Rohingya people. No religion preaches mindless hate or indiscriminate violence.
Therefore, on behalf of the Islamic Society of Darwin, I would like to cordially invite you to attend this event. There will be speakers from various sectors across Darwin. We hope your attendance will give moral support to the local Rohingya people as well as those abroad. We also hope that this will demonstrate to the global community that we, as proud, diverse and multicultural Northern Territorians are all united and are with the Rohingya people.

Event: Save Rohingya People
Date: 18th November 2017, Saturday
Time: 5.00 PM
Venue: 53 Vanderlin Drive, Islamic Community Hall
Wanguri Darwin NT
M. 0458009429
Save Rohingya People
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